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    In compliance with the Italian law and the Anti-Covid protocols applied by us during your stay, you will notice that some of the services and practices inside the             hotel have been changed during  the ongoing pandemic.

  Despite these protective measures, our team will do its utmost to offer you its warmest welcome and the most relaxing stay possible: these, even during an ongoing    pandemic, remain our signature qualities.


  • Our team wears face masks and is thoroughly trained to immediately adapt to and comply with the new rules issued by the Italian Ministry of Health for the safety of our Guests, employees and business partners.


  • Our Guests will be required to wear a face mask at all times in indoor common areas and outdoors, except within their own family unit, in their room, when seated at the bar or restaurant table.



  • Access to the restaurant, to the spa and to the bathing establishments is regulated to respect social distancing and the Anti-Covid protocols in force.


  • Assisted buffet breakfast with table service. Making a reservation is necessary for the restaurant service, distance between tables is guaranteed in accordance with the regulation.


  • All the common areas and surfaces are regularly sanitised to guarantee greater hygiene in the most frequented areas.


  • Our hotel has been designed to guarantee Guest privacy and social distancing in all common areas.


     Thank you for your cooperation, for both your own and our safety.